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New Poem with Analysis!

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I wrote a new poem (not really poem lar, just some lines that I like!) recently! I think it has a great double meaning! Try to spot the double meaning yourself before reading my own analysis! :D Oh yes, and I analyzed this using the Unseen Poetry Method!

The Star Falls
The Universe, it stops.
It comes to a standstill.
A gasp.
An exhale.
Elation, emotion and dejection.
The bright star fell, landed, did it disappear?!
My eyes, they can never see anything else again.
Clinching. Praying for its return.
You can't hold onto stars; you will combust.
Grip loosened. Star faded into the bleak night sky.
She? Blinded. Yes, forever.
But you won't know.
The poem started off with a very short onomatopoeia "Da-dum" that could be used to represent the state of shock the protagonist is in, or the way her heart suddenly beat harder than normal, hence resulting her her hearing her own clear, defined heartbeat.
The next 4 lines continue to be short, and they portray the protagonist's state of confusion and awe as she states "The Universe, it stops" after which she repeats that it has come to a standstill for emphasis. Here we can postulate that the protagonist came across something that maybe so amazing to her that her Universe has stopped, and she stood in this kind of frozen awe as she gasps and then exhales.

The protagonist then undergoes a rapid change of mood: from her elation to emotional and finally dejection as she starts to realize some things that she has not realized before. Here, each line in the poem becomes longer as we witness the protagonist becoming more and more agitated as she cried "The bright star fell, landed, did it disappear?!". The use of the punctuation "?!" reveals her shock and agitation as she recounts how she saw that bright star, and then it fell towards her, landed, and all of a sudden disappear without a trace. The protagonist then sounded wistful as she claimed that she can no longer see anything else again. 

Following this, the protagonist tries to sound hopeful as she waits desperately for the star to return to her, but she realizes with dread that there is no way that a person can hold onto stars, "You will combust." and thus she slackened her hold on the star, whether it is in terms of expectation or hope. The star then faded into the bleak night, leaving her alone. 

The protagonist addresses herself in third-person as she asked "She? Blinded. Yes, forever." There is a hint of extreme disappointment and dejection in the protagonist voice, and perhaps a trace of bitterness as she continues, "But you wouldn't know."

Underlying meaning
The poem can be taken to mean two ways, even though one way would be a better and clearer meaning.
The first meaning would be that the protagonist met someone that make her heart palpitate and we assume that she had fallen in love from her exaggerated breathing and how she stated that the universe seemed to have stood still for her. She then feels elation at her own feelings, but that is rapidly replaced by waves as dejection because she might have found out that the guy already had someone he liked, or maybe she felt that she was not good enough.

"In front of the people we like, we never feel confident enough or good enough."
The person she likes apparently left her, or either that moved on without noticing her as she notes in panic that the star had disappeared. To her, the person was a star because he was so radiant and beautiful and breathtaking that when he left, she could no longer see anything or anyone else. The protagonist prays for the star's return and rather uncertainly at that, as she finally made the conclusion that stars are not meant to be held on to, because you will combust if you do. As she noted that, she gave up on the star, in the literal sense, that she stopped looking for him, the star, and the star faded away. That is what people usually say right? That stars at night blinks and could fade away if you don't watch them carefully.
We see that the girl end up "blinded", in the sense that she could no longer see other people anymore, but sadly, the person she likes would never know.
Yet another way to view the poem would be about a girl and her dreams. She finally found something that could make her heart flutter and pant in excitement when doing it, and she was feeling so much elation when she could have been told that she did not make it into the course, so she is left dejected. She then watches her dreams (symbolized by the star) fall and land before her, so near to her, before disappearing as she cries out in frustration. She awaits another chance to try, but she realized that maybe that goal, that dream is too far for her to reach and hold onto, like a star, and if you try, you could combust (totally wrecked). She lets go of her dream and it disappears, and she could no longer see anything else that she wants to do because that is her ambition, but others would never know that and her pain.
Do you all like this poem and my analysis? Do drop me comments to tell me how you feel and if you think that there are other underlying meanings to this poem! :)
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