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Clinique x Luxola Collaboration

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Recently I have been lucky enough to be given the chance to try and review Clinique's line of products! Needless to say, I was genuinely excited as Clinique is an extremely well recognized for its skincare and cosmetic products and after this experience, I must say that the products definitely live up to their name!
Clinique Products

For Oily Skin: Moisturizing gel, clarifying lotion and liquid facial soap (left to right)
Due to my oily skin type, I was given the set of products catered specially for oily skin!

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
Clinique's facial soap is gentle on the skin with a mild scent. Usually I use just one pump to wash my face and it is more than sufficient to lather into foam to cleanse the face of the oil without drying out the skin. In short, it smoothly cleanses one's face without stripping too much of the facial oil, thus leaving the skin hydrated and comfortable.

Unlike some other cleansers which may have a strong floral scent which may be a source of irritation to some, Clinique's Facial Soap has a soft and refreshingly mild scent that is gentle to the senses.

Also, in case you are wondering, I have skin that's prone to acne and using the facial soap so far has not caused me any outbreaks. In fact, I haven't had any outbreaks since I started using this skincare line!

However, one must be careful not to let the soap get into one's eye as I carelessly had, as it will cause a minty stinging sensation that is not too painful, but preferably avoided.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion
Clinique's Clarifying Lotion has a strong alcoholic scent that disappears after drying. As a clarifying lotion, I feel that it does indeed purify the skin! Swiping a cotton pad dabbed with the clarifying lotion across one's face instantly refreshes and soothes the skin following the cleansing.

What is even better is the fact that the lotion seems to function well as a mild makeup remover too: when I accidentally made a makeup error, I dabbed the spot with a cotton pad containing the lotion to remove the error easily without smearing the rest of my makeup. Definitely a versatile and handy lotion to have!

Clinique Moisturizing Gel
Clinique's moisturizing gel is by far my favourite moisturizer amongst all that I have tried. And trust me, I have actually tried a broad range. The amazing thing about this moisturizer is that it leaves the skin silky smooth and matte upon drying, with no hint of oiliness at all even in the many hours post application. Fair enough, I do see my nose getting shiny with time, but for me, my skin tends to become oily extremely easily and I doubt it would be fair to blame it on the moisturizer!

Instead, I am thoroughly impressed by how the moisturizing gel is able to leave my face matte but still retaining its healthy glow (without the actual oily shine) and it is one of my go-to base products to use before make-up application to prep my skin. 10/10 for this moisturiser, I won't hesitate to purchase it when my current bottle finishes!

For those of you who are interested in seeing Clinique's compete range of skincare products on Luxola, do check out this link!

Also, if you are interested in finding out more about Clinique, do check out their interview with Luxola at this link!

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*A follow up post will be done after one month or more usage of the products to update you guys!


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