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A lot of us have watched Taiwanese or Korean drama which would involve an ambulance coming in and the paramedics moving swiftly to place a person onto the stretcher or the likes. Then before we know it, they are monitoring CPR, heart rate and then the ambulance is off heading towards the hospital. As a kid I always thought that this has been exaggerated for drama's sake, till I experienced it for myself today.

Yep, you didn't hear me wrongly. I was sent to NUH in an ambulance, on a stretcher.

So this was how it went:

I woke up this morning around 8am or so, then being the lazy ball I was, I went back to bed until maybe around 10.45am. I went to check my phone that was charging, which is my usual morning routine. When I was checking my phone, my heart suddenly started beating crazy fast, or rather I started having palpitations (in medical terms). At the same time my chest constricted, I had a sharp pain in my stomach and I broke out into cold sweat while feeling numbness and dizziness. In short I thought I was going to pass out because I couldn't make sense of my surroundings (thank god I was at home). I was told by my mom that I turned as pale as a sheet and looked like I had lost consciousness (I was on the floor at home) and she called the ambulance.

The ambulance came relatively fast, like in less than 10 minutes, and yes, it was actually very much like a scene in a drama. Four paramedics arrived at my house and they were extremely skilled and experienced. I think they took a ECG, my pulse rate and blood pressure, as well as my blood glucose level. In my semi consciousness I heard that my blood pressure was rather low (could not remember how low) and I was quickly given an IV drip on my right wrist.

Sidenote: The needle that they insert into the vein for drips is actually kinda painful and also restricts one's hand movement. I had actually expected no pain which is not logical, don't ask me why.

I was helped onto the stretcher bed thing which is actually pretty awkward to be on as I slowly became more aware of my surroundings as my initial discomfort wore off. Like you become acutely aware of the fact of how dramatic it is to be on a stretcher with 4 really really cool and efficient paramedics wheeling you from your apartment to the ambulance. I mean, if it was actually a drama, I was pretty sure that those exciting background music would be playing, coupled with loud beeping noises reflecting some vital stats.

But nope, there wasn't any background music to alleviate the awkwardness I felt on the stretcher, or the discomfort that my stomach felt with each bump on the ground. #lifenotdrama

By the time I reached NUH in the ambulance (which was also wow, I am on an ambulance), I was feeling less like I was going to die and more awkward of my vulnerable position every moment. I realized I had no shoes on because I was at home. I also realized that I was still in my panda-pajamas, which was like *faints from embarrassment*.

At NUH I went through more tests that involved more needles being inserted into me. I think I had my blood glucose taken twice before a long needle was inserted into my left hand to draw out more blood. Yep, that was slightly painful too. Then while I was still having the IV drip in my right hand, I was given another bag in my left...

This one is more painful. I think I will get a bruise hehe.

But overall, the medical staff was really caring and efficient and really really sweet people, so I felt pretty safe in their hands.

I was going to type more, but I will end the post here because erm I am really just kind of too lazy to write more. Ha.


  1. Whoa that sounds like alot going on. Hope you're recovering well now!


    1. Hey Clarie, thanks for your concern and for dropping by! Much better now! <3


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