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I know I haven't blogged in a while, and to the 238 people who still read this blog even yesterday, thank you for your support all this time.

I wouldn't say that I have been through a very rough period of time: in comparison, I would say A-levels, PSLE, MOE interviews are definitely and infinitely more stressful, but recent events did make my life go out of its usual rhythm.

Thankfully that was almost 3 weeks ago? I know that many of you may not know what I am referring to, but to those who know, read on!

Before I began this post, I had prognosticated that I would write a beautifully complex and romantic piece of post extolling the virtues of experience and pain, but as I begin, I am like "Nah." I am not going to be pretentious and behave like experiences have shaped me into a better person etcetera etcetera, and how grateful I am to such bad experiences, because you know...

So everyone says.

I would very honestly tell you that I rather not have spent four months on such an experience but of course we all are also aware that there is little point in regretting the passage of time: it is irrevocable.

And yes, on the extremely bright side (somewhere near the sun, perhaps?) I did learn something! I am just not entirely sure what I have learnt, but yes I did learn something. Okay, maybe I learnt a lot, but let us not go to the dry and boring nitty gritty of "I learn not to trust anyone or the promises they make".

Faith in humanity shouldn't be lost over one incident. We just learn to be more careful.

Anyhoos, it is also in this period of time I learn once more that I have truly wonderful and precious friends who are with me through thick and thin. I mean to dedicate this non-morose post to these fabulous people who make me happy every single day. However, I also realized that it would be incredibly stupid to write about overly personal things online, so here is a very quick and vague summary of everyone:

(I actually wrote down everyone's name, but then I deleted it again. Sorry, I will just let the suspense kill you, I guess?)

Anyways, I am running out of inspiration to write, so here is the end of my very short update post. :D


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