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Om Nom #5 : Cute Candies

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I came across some super cute candies some time ago, called the "Fruits Roll". :)

Fruits Roll candy
The reason why they caught my attention is that the wrapper was so brightly colored, and also the depiction of the roll: I was curious as to whether they really roll it or it is just another kind of scam. xD

The one on the left is apple-grape flavor, the one on the right is orange-grape flavor. I was surprised at how affordable each small sachet is: just 20 cents. I mean, it is like the perfect kind of little gift for people to give out to, say, 200 people, without having to declare bankrupt. Imagine giving stuff like Cadbury or Hershey.... I shudder to think of the costs.

The fruit loop inside is kind of small, which is perfectly okay, given that we only pay 20 cents for each, we really cannot expect the diameter to be that of Moses Lim's waist. (Sorry Moses, it just came to mind >.< But I assure you that you are one of my better-liked celebs in Singapore.)

I unpeeled it
 I love, love, love the color. It is this beautiful, translucent color: never in my life would I imagine that the colors purple and orange can coexist without creating this horrible clash. This is the type of colors that I would love my pencil case to be in heh xD Such a toned-down, dreamy sort of color, and look at that sticky shine! Oh yum!

The taste is really not bad for just 20cents, like it is not too sweet, and eating it kind of stimulated my salivary glands to result in some drool-reflex, and it prompts you to eat more. I think that part of the reason why I was so happy eating it is because the peeling is really fun. It makes your hand sticky, but it is kind of worth it. I

I also get like a sense of deja vu, like the taste reminded me of some long forgotten childhood memories that threatened to resurface, but ultimately I am just left with some odd feelings without being able to recall anything.

The grape-apple one looks like that: again, I really love the color combination ^u^

I kind of got them for Denyse and Clarissa (Clarissa just have to be absent on that day), and it was kinda funny and cute watching Denyse eat it carefully xD Like I said, love buying things for people without burning a hole in my pocket :p

Till the next post, adieu~~~ :)


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