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I haven't posted in a while~!

Since last post, I have been making some radical changes to my life. For instance, I have been slowly trying to convert to vegetarianism (is there even such a word?). I have been eating almost no meat for the past four days, because you know, the initial change is bound to be a little harder. Okay, on the first day I still ate a bit of fish, but for the next three days, I thought I was doing pretty well with my no-meat  agenda.

I am not gonna sit on a moral high horse just because you know, I ween off from yummy meat now. I am not going to preach to each and everyone of you and try to tell you to convert to vegetarianism either, because honestly, I don't even know how long I will last.

I am thinking I wouldn't be a full-blown vegetarian, because to a meat-lover like me, doing that is like taking all the cream off a cupcake: life would be pretty boring. It is more like, I think I would eat meat once a month perhaps? Or every time I really can't sustain anymore.

I know that "true-blue" vegetarians may deride this effort thinking that you know, that is just a lack of will (to save cute little chickens and ducks) and principle, but they are right I guess. I mean in the first place, I am not converting entirely out of my altruistic love for all things warm and furry and breathing, but for my own health in the long run. So if I am called weak-willed, then okay, I accept that too.

I am converting partly because I always feel so lethargic and lacking in energy, and it is very detrimental to my studying process because my brain always feels de-oxygenated and sluggish, and my eyes are always heavy with sleep. Furthermore, studying Cancer as part of my biology module reveals that meat in general increases chances of getting cancer, which spells a lot of trouble. Some more, my experience with Helicobacter Pylori bacteria infection actually puts me at a higher chance of getting stomach cancer, which is like SCARY MAX (not even gonna lie).

So, no meat. Nope.

Do I miss eating meat then?

Well, actually not really. Probably because it has only been 4 days, and I don't really feel that kind of overwhelming urge to propel my lumpy body to the nearest Old Chang Kee to inhale all those greasy fried delicacies. I can still abstain from meat even when it is cooked in the dished, I just pick them out and put them in this tiny little pile in a corner.

Okay, maybe the picking them out part is understating the amount of control I am having. Yep, I do feel tempted to pop a piece into my mouth, I have to consciously tell myself not to, partly because i am so used to guzzling down all the meaty goodness in every dish that it has become second nature to me. Think Pavlov's experiment. Ah-ha~ That's how it is like.

So generally, I am still going good, not missing meat too badly, and I don't feel an urge to eat any so long as no one puts, say KFC or McSpicy in my face. Mom has been super supportive (since she has been practicing her semi-vegetarianism for almost 2 years now?) and she is super glad that I have hopped on the healthy bandwagon.

Not only so, I am trying to squeeze in some time for work out and exercise each day, be it just simple brisk working or brief figurobics, to improve my stamina. It sounds really out of place, maybe, to be doing this now, but I am holding fast onto the hope that it will ultimately pay off.

I was really astonished that it actually felt good to exercise and breathe in and out deeply from the need to pay off oxygen debt during exercise. And this is something that is coming from an ultimate slug who prefers sleeping to shopping even, simply because shopping requires one to walk around the mall. A lot. (If you wheel me around, I can consider it!) So I am surprised at how addicted I am now to my morning routine which involved exercising and eating healthier: it makes me feel really happy and good. Ahhh...must be all the dopamine released!

On a completely irrelevant sidenote (ahh that's why it's a sidenote!), I am so so in love with Asapscience channel on youtube, I swear it is my favorite educational channel on youtube! Check it out here: ASAP science

So before all these changes to my life, like I have said, I was really tired all the time, and I sleep at around 10pm average daily, sometimes I sleep at 8.30pm-9.00pm when I really can't function anymore. And I take like 3-hour long afternoon naps....so majority of my productivity comes from sleep.

I am not sure if it is my diet now or exercise, but I can feel myself slowly becoming more energetic and sleeping (slightly) less (it is only 4 days!), and I have absolute faith that if I keep this up, I would become super energized (WHEEEEEEEEEE)!

Oh yes, I have totally cut off any sweet drinks, but have some trouble abstaining from sweets/chocolates. :( I am really attached to those, so I am now eating them in very very moderate amounts. I am also not eating most wheat/gluten products, primarily bread, because of gastric problems. My stomach is causing me to eat more healthily than I would like to! ^_^ Which is not a bad thing I suppose!

So far for now, I guess! I would really try to take this to the end and I would continue to make random updates to tell you of my progress! :):)


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