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Gah I haven't finished prelims yet and I am already looking forward to the end of A levels.

Bad me. Very bad to be distracted now.

Anyhoos, I was thinking that post A-levels, I have so much things that I want to do...such as:

1. Blog more often, and blog lengthier and funnier posts. Hey com'on I am a naturally good joke teller, it is the A levels that is seriously killing all my funny cells xD

2. Finish learning Korean. I think I will just be satisfied with relative fluency in speaking, and being able to read basic characters: enough for me to, say travel around Korea without having to resort to pantomime when asking for help xD

3. Learn French Latin. Then Latin French. Then Spanish and Italian. Speak to my dad about getting him to teach me both Cantonese and Hokkien. Erm...seems like I am being overly idealistic, but hey, I can hold onto my dream of learning as many languages as I can! Learning languages is fun, unlike Maths. >:D
Cantonese and Hokkien is probably important because if I don't learn it, those two language are so gonna die out in my family, which is a tragedy, me thinks.

OH WAIT THERE IS JAPANESE! I can get my mom to teach it, no sweat. Wow, only now I realized my family is rather multilingual...hmm

On second thoughts, I may learn Latin first. Quidquid latine dictum, altum videtur.

3. Maybe get LASIK. I don't know yet, because to me the risk doesn't really feel like it is worth it, but my mom is all for me to shed those horrible glasses of mine (prolly because I scratched mine badly, and need to change it relatively frequently) Between contact lenses and LASIK I can't decide which one is worse. Aish.

4. Buy tons (by tons, I mean more than 3) of circle lenses. Because I need to look good in Shanghai. Yes yes I need to look good in front of my family who likes to judge people based on their looks. I know people would tell me to be myself and not give a damn, but it is a little hard, and besides I would do that if say, I look like Park Min Young or the likes.

5. Take up fashion sketching more seriously! Recently I can't even produce a proper skeleton, it always look so awkward and disproportionate. Argh. And I forgot how to draw ruffles (on skirts), and jeans. Blearrrrgh.

6. Read all of Shakespeare's plays because I suddenly got interested in them. A good place to start would be "Measure for Measure"? :D

Then again, maybe not. Thinking about Romeo and Juliet is a enough turn-off.

7. *Maybe* get my hair trimmed. In China. With my personal hairdresser. Because he trims it best. But it rather costly (considering that the trimming isn't that special), and it costs about 150RMB. Oh wells, we will see.

8. Go shopping in the night markets in Shanghai. I super love night markets: cheap stuff makes me happy xD

9. Rebond my hair perhaps? Not sure either, because: a) I am too lazy to sit through 4-5 hours of merciless heating b) I can't wash my hair for 3 days after that c) it damages my hair. a lot. Hrrrrmph

10. Earn money. Plenty of money and bring my mom out for dinner often :D

Gah~~! Thinking about post-alevels make me so happy and excited that I forget about the terrors of A levels. Bad bad bad :(

Btw, today before lit or after lit exams, Amy, Clarissa and I were chatting about Lit A levels, and I was told that CJC really wanted to beat our schools' lit. (I think? Not too sure, I was told that.) I heard that their teachers put in super lot of effort into lit, but it's okay, our teachers are super hardworking too :D I like the CJC lit website though! It is so well organized and I can always get extra info there hehe xD Mr Simpson is a sly genius since he uses googlesites xD

Anyways, gtg, shall post again, but not so soon ^^||


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