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I have been wanting to change my blog URL for a while because I have found it to be rather ridiculous to have my URL claiming itself to be "yourfashionsense" while the blog title asks one to live and dictate.

So after the change, they both tally!

Truthfully I am indeed very hesitant and very worried because the original URL has stuck around with the readers for a while and I am afraid that my views will drop drastically after changing the URL, so I stuck with this (on the hindsight, rather odd) URL for as long as I could bear it.

But then I decided that it is better to change it now than later, and if, I am saying if, my blog does lose whatever little bit of popularity it has, I can always work hard to gain it back later on.

Like after promotional exams.

After such a daring move, I do have second thoughts about it, and yes I do expect my views to drop to maybe less than hundred a day?

I guess I can live with it then...and I will probably have to tell all sponsors that maybe you guys can wait for my blog to become more exposed before coming back for maximum publicity? *chuckles*

Oh, and how is the new header?
I felt like I needed a change...

The header's source is from:http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/flowers/images/32897796/title/spring-snowdrops-wallpaper-wallpaper

Do check it out when you are free (:

Thanks everyone and keep safe! :D


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