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Nasty Days

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Damn, I have been having some pretty bad days recently.

For one thing today was a pretty darn horrible day. I woke up with a buzzing head and a throbbing temple and blocked nose and every terrible feeling one can possibly feel and was so disgusted with the fact that I have to still make my way to school despite me feel like I was half-dead.

Not to mention that my weekends are always severely tiring, even more so than weekdays, so they did me no good at all for me to rest and recuperate from a torturous week at school.

And once again, I shall reiterate that I am grateful for my education and yes I am thankful towards my parents for supporting my education, but this does not mean that education is as rosy as we all wish it to be. Far too often I feel too tired, too overworked and too under-rested.

Anyways, there are like 2 tests tomorrow and I have a funny feeling in my tummy, I hope it is going to turn out well anyways.

Wednesday the originally good day has ended up trashy too because I have CCA for 3 hours, (THREE HOURS ON NATIONAL DAY EVE I KID YOU NOT THIS IS BLOODY MURDER).

But too bad, I need to get all my CCA points for this year and thinking on the bright side, it is on a mock-MUN so it should be quite interesting to hear other people talk. I don't plan to speak up much because I am assigned to be the delegate of India, which is like so UGH again because I know naught about India, while Kevin got China. *sobs sobs* I want China! Why does Kevin get all the good things in life harrrumpph >(

Oh yeah whatever, I am seriously ranting now but forgive me because I am too tired to think straight, but I wanted to complain anyway, but mom is asleep so all I have left is this blog.


Okay, okay I shall go sleep now. This is honestly a crappy, shallow and valueless post, but guess what? Not everything in life needs to have a value. So live with it, live with this, live with my rants, yeah? :D

Thanks, nights and take cares! (:


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