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Because I May Die

Because I May Die

Death, the morbidity of it
Haunts me like a sickening shroud.
Never had I given it a second thought.
But I may die, and I am scared to die.

I am afraid to die before I tell you things,
I am afraid that the infinite days will be shortened to a mere few.
I am afraid that I would be selfish and hold on
when I should really be letting go.

If I am going to die, if fate condemns me to death,
then at least let me die pretty. Just once.
I had never been pretty, but if I were to die,
I would take a break to pursue it.

How can I love safely, calmly
In the finite days of mine.


  1. my heart sheds its shroud and its tears at thine verse ;_;

    1. Thanks (: Cheer up though, it is most likely fictional. :D


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