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The New "About"

Hello Guys!

This blog has finally moved on from its stages of infancy to a slightly more matured stage!

Thankfully, this transition heralds an age of more sophisticated and improved writing, less "Singlish" and less emotionally-charged diatribe and more professional reviews!

From something that was more of a personal diary in the past to a more professional Beauty and Life review website, we are trying to move away from a state of entropy to a more structured state!

Here is what you can anticipate from Live and Dictate!

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: Beauty Product Reviews
Tuesday: Pet and DIY crafts
Friday: Fashion tips, trends and commentary
Saturday: Make-up tutorial/ Hair Tutorial/ Beauty Tips
Sunday: Diary and Sharing of personal life

Additionally, we are also trying our best to bring you monthly brand features so that you can get to know different beauty or fashion brands better and find better buys!

If you are a brand who is interested in being featured either through a product review or monthly feature, feel free to contact us at thekiraknight@gmail.com for more details!

Cheers and have fun reading!

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  1. Great to hear of the new plans for your blog! Keep it going, cheers!


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