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Expectations are dreadful things.

You don't begin with expectations, or maybe you do, we wouldn't know.

My point is that expectations are usually created in you.

They are created slowly, gradually but definitely through repeated positive actions that make you expect more.

Because each time a smaller expectation is fulfilled, a bigger expectation is created. Not consciously. You may not even realize it until the said subject fails to fulfill that unexpressed expectation, and you feel disappointed.

Disappointment is a terrible, terrible thing. Even more so than expectations.

Logically, neither expectations nor disappointment can actually be fully justified. (I would go as far as to call them unwarranted emotions, but I still do feel them from time to time.)

So how are expectations created? Like I say, it begins with a small expectation.

Creation and Ultimate Destruction of Expectations (click to enlarge, I drew it!)
To summarize the drawing, the fulfillment of a smaller expectation leads to the creation of a greater expectation.

Por ejemplo, you score 60 marks in a test. Your parents say it is pretty good (says no parent ever in real life, but this is make believe), but now they want you to improve to 70. And you did. The next test you would need to score 80 to fulfill their expectation or you will be termed "stagnation". That is the creation of expectations at work.

Anyways, my main point here is to not let yourself fall into the trap of expecting or hoping excessively.

Also, it would be wise to occasionally lower other's expectations of yourself by screwing up.

Like, what I am doing now.

You are probably expecting a really cool post, but it is actually kinda screwed up.


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  1. Very true

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