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Essence Eye Pencils Review

As you guys probably already know, I am quite a fan of Essence and Catrice Cosmetics and I have been getting some of their stuff to try! Previously I have tried Essence's Glossy Lipbalm which turned out to be both affordable and good! Thus, I was eager to try more of their items!

Recently I have been trying to move from liquid/gel eyeliner to pencil eyeliner because the latter tends to look more natural and also easier to apply. Thus when I spotted these eye pencil from Essence, I decided to try them immediately!

Essence Eye Pencils
Essence's Kajal pencil is considered really cheap at only $2.50, and there is also a wide range of beautiful colors available.

Essence Kajal Pencil 08 Teddy
What I like most about this eye pencil is its lovely shimmery brown color, but it is problematic because it smudges extremely easily. Right after I applied it, it has already smudged to stain my lower eye-line, not in a neat fashion but those panda eyes manner.

In a way, it is not long lasting at all because any light touches will smudge the liner, which means that the liner will easily disappear through the day whenever we touch our eyes. Not recommended for you, unless you can find a way to wear this without it smudging.

However, I realize that because it smudges so easily, it is possible to use this as a eye shadow instead, just smudge a lot of this eyeliner onto the back of your hand, and apply using the tip of your finger! :)

As for Essence's longlasting eye pencil, the color is similarly lovely. The only difference between this and the teddy brown one is that the teddy one has a shimmer, whilst this one does not.

Thankfully, this one smudges a little less, and is generally sweat proof. No wonder Essence longlasting eye pencil is priced at $5.50. I like how the pen twists: no sharpening necessary here!

Essence long lasting eye pencil
One problem with this may be the fact that it is quite hard to remove, even after I used plenty of cleansing solution and cotton pads, the brown color still comes off in my eyes. Definitely not the idea pencil for those who are impatient, but if you are looking for something affordable, easy to use and with good color payoff, this is the pencil for you!

We have come to the end of our short review! Have you tried any essence products? Share with us your experiences in the comment boxes below: we would love to hear from you!


  1. I Kira, I love Essence products and I am currently loving the black longlasting eye pencil. It's so affordable yet so good. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you are well?

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  2. Great review

    Love Vikee


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