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Itoh Collagen Powder Review

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1 sachet of drink powder

I know I have not updated in a while, but hey, I am finally back with another review! This time, I have tried the Itoh collagen powder drink to share with you guys.

To write this post well, I have done some proper research, and to my horror, collagen can be lost so easily and through so many ways! According to a post by Huffingtonpost, collagen killers include smoking, poor nutrition, poor hydration, too much stress...and even the sun.

Do you guys know what this means?

This means that I feel that, as Singaporeans,we are even more prone to losing our collagen and more susceptible to unattractive sagging skin because of our fast-paced and hence more stressful lifestyles, the allure of delicious but unhealthy delicacies such as char-siew rice, grilled chicken rice, char-kway-teow and of course...


We enjoy hot summer days all year round, with the sun beating down on us mercilessly, killing the collagen in our skin and causing the premature aging and wrinkling of skin. While other people in countries that experience more gloomy days continue to look radiant at age 30, we unfortunately start to show signs of aging.

This is exactly why there is a need to combat this loss of collagen by replenishing collagen supplies with itoh collagen powder drink.

It is not only tasteless and hence versatile, it is also convenient and easy to add into one's daily diet.

Itoh Collagen Powder Drink
I think that the 2 best things about this drink powder is that first it is non-fattening. That is very important, considering that it is a beauty supplement that you are going to ingest daily, I am absolutely sure that we would not want to trade in slim figures for good skin when now we can have both!
Check it out! 0 fats!
The second best thing is that it is absolutely tasteless, and hence you can add it into any beverage or even soup you like! That not only makes the drinking more interesting, but also more convenient: since you can drink with plain water and still enjoy it.
Ways to enjoy your collagen powder drink.
And even more ways!
I drink mine with honey, because I have a sweet tooth ;)

Short and simple steps, yum!
Here are some FAQs about Itoh Collagen Powder!

1. Suggested dosage?
1-3 sachets per day, preferably taken before sleeping or on an empty stomach!

2. How long will it take to see results?
Results are usually visible after one or two weeks but may vary with individuals.

3. Is it vegetarian or halal?
So sorry, it it neither vegetarian nor halal :(

(source: link)
oops drank one already!

Itoh collagen powder is now available in Watsons for $49.90 per box of 14 sachets! Also, you can get a FREE SAMPLE from the The Sample Store mailed to you for free to try it out before purchasing!

Check out the video and thank you for reading! :)
Also, thank you Sample Store for the product!


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