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La Riche Directions Dark Tulip Hair Dye!

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I haven't had much fun during the holidays so far, so yesterday I decided to dye the bottom half of my hair dark tulip! Remember at the start of the year, Audrey Alyssa gave me the La-Riche Semi-permanent hair dye?

And Audrey did her hair in the same color (just a strand of it) and she blogged about it too, so you all can check it out by clicking her name up there! :D It showed up much much better on hers because her hair was like this light brown shade, super nice, I think!

Dark Tulip La Riche Hair Dye

I picked dark tulip because out of all the colors that were available, I thought that it was the least obvious color out of all of them, and also because I love this kind of purplish-reddish shades hehe.

The color range available

I was originally tempted (like super tempted) to pick a red share like poppy red and stuff, but I decided that I was such a chicken that I wouldn't dare to wear such a color. In fact, I was already contemplating long and hard whether I should use dark tulip, so when I just tried it, I tried it on a very very thing section a the end of my hair!

So, you know, if in case it turns my head into some purple-headed monster I can just like snip! snip! snip! it off before I return to school. 

Tralala anyway, the dying process was semi-horrendous.

The hair dye is a bit like paste, but very smooth.
I wanted to ask mom to do it for me, but her work ends only at like 6 plus, and she would want to rest + eat dinner + rest some more, which means that I cannot get my hair dyed till like 8.30 plus.

And that is decidedly bad because I didn't want to dirty or stain my pillow with my hair dye. Next to my blanket, my pillow must be like the second most important thing to me, bahahaha! You should see my mom's pillow, it is browning from all the hair dye, yuk!

So the first round of dying took me about half an hour, including rinsing all the dye off and stuff, but I decided that the color was awesome since it can't really be seen against my dark brown hair unless I stand in the sun, so I thought the colour would show up more if I redyed the dyed part.

So I dyed the same portion again.

Then I washed all of my hair and showered.

After that I blew dry my hair, and was utterly frustrated because I can't see any red at all, apart from this little tinge at the end of my hair. So I was so annoyed and vexed that my stupidity went into an overload.

I dyed a larger portion of my hair, like bottom half of it, all to dark tulip.

This time it took longer, like almost 45 minutes, and thank god because the hair dye says it needs only 15 minutes before it can be washed off.

After that, I washed and washed and washed and it looked as if my head was bleeding and my hair were bleeding purple-pink blood into the sink (and thank god that Mom wasn't home or she would have throttled me with her bare hands).

And then I toweled it dry and blew it out with hair dryer again. 

I am actually pretty happy with the hair color, partly because it is not that obvious, which means I wouldn't have to actually cut the entire length of my hair off when I am going back to school, and it also means that I won't get looks of disgust from any HC facilitators when I am attending HC THIMUN next week. 

On top of that, the bottom half of my hair looks like it is sort of reddish-purplish-violet under the sun, which is now officially my favorite color heeee.

But in all honesty, because my hair is dark brown so the coloring turned out to be not dark tulip but like the rubine shade (see above picture).

Not that it makes it any less awesome. :D

The only bad thing was that now one side of my neck is still slightly colored, and also my nails and yesterday my fingers and palm are like reddish-purple. Most of it came off, but some are here to stay. For a while.

Looked like I made a suicide attempt. Hee
Plan for the next months? Dye the top of my hair dark tulip too! I still have like 3/4 to about 2/3 of the dye left and it can be kept for one month.

The other best thing about La-riche hair dye is that it doesn't feel like it damaged my hair at all. In fact, the dyed part is now shinier and smoother than the undyed parts. Basically the dye is like this conditioner thing that you smear on after shampooing your hair, which is pretty cool in my opinion :D

I have included some pictures of those who also did their hair in dark tulip, and theirs is far far more obvious than mine!


I think to get that color, we have the bleach the hair/ lighten with hydrogen peroxide, which the La-Riche website also sells, but I don't want and don't dare to bleach my hair oh gosh. So uh I shall remain blissfully happy with my tinted hair hehe. :D

Okay, that's all for now, bye!


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