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We Can Be

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[We Can Be]

We can be blind, eyes open but unseeing.
We can be deaf, aware but not heeding.
A little part of us is biased,
A little more afraid, we realized,
things don't always go as we say.

Far too often, I witness without seeing,
blinded by my own doubts and perhaps even —
Too worried to ask, far too afraid to have my
deepest doubts proven. Right.

We can be writers, each portraying our own
fashioned after people we think we know.
We can imagine too much, and know too little.
We can be far too creative and way too unrealistic.

We need to wake up earlier,
look out of our own world more often, and for once,
not fantasize but understand.
Bleak skies, black diamonds, queen of hearts
A scene of dark, sinful black.

Far too often, we stare at crows and wonder,
"Thou ugly beasts! Foulest creatures!"
And even more common is for us to forget,
that the crow had never wanted to be black.
We can be darker than the darkest shade of crow feathers.


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